First of all, let us express infinite gratitude to Allah SWT for His grace and His permission to continue our efforts in discharging the duties and responsibilities of managing and administering MPAJ towards greater progress and development and better services and services to our customers.

First of all I would like to say Welcome to this MPAJ website. Hopefully this page can help provide useful and useful information related to the management and service of MPAJ in particular.

I am new to the leadership of MPAJ from 02st January 2015, feeling that the task of bringing MPAJ to the top is a challenging task. However, I am confident and believe through the cooperation and commitment provided by Council Members and all MPAJ employees, every achievement, award and income source will be further enhanced.

I also hope that all MPAJ employees will always adhere to the principles of teamwork, work in a cheerful environment as well as positive, creative and innovative thinking to plan and implement something new to enhance excellence and best service to customers.

I will continue to work towards achieving all the goals and continuity of the work towards the vision and mission that have been planned with the priority of creating the comfort of the community as well as any priorities that must be given today.

Finally, I hope that all parties will continue to provide continuous support and cooperation to the management of MPAJ in delivering excellent service.

Best Regards,


The President

Ampang Jaya Municipal Council