To make the Ampang Jaya Municipality prosperous and harmonious by 2015


  • In line with the government’s intention to fortify the civil service as a world class body by offering services which are proactive, responsive and adhering to the discerning customers, the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council has accepted the challenge through its vision in making Ampang Jaya prosperous and harmonious by the year 2015.

  • Properous meaning that the stake holders receive services which of high quality in line with the efforts to make MPAJ a world class local authority.
  • Harmonious meaning that the residents of Ampang Jaya will experience a harmonious life and enjoying good and comfortable municipal facilities.


To provide efficient and quality municipal services so as to ensure that the citizens ff Ampang Jaya enjoy a comfortable and peaceful lifestyle.


  • Ampang Jaya Municipal Council will always ensure that the residents of Ampang Jaya will receive the best municipal services through an effective impartation system while strengthening its management and administrative systems so that the its community will receive quality services.

  • Ampang Jaya Municipal Council will be always increase productivity and innovation to create a condusive, safe and peaceful township to live.


Devotion, Hygienic And Cultured

  • EVOTION to the community

  • HYGIENIC environment and mind

  • CULTURED staff who are efficient, trustworthy and active